Cats In Mechs
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iOS; Android
What happens when you find the most powerful energy source in the galaxy? Find out and join Aspen on the front lines where the fur really flies. This top-down 3D tablet/phone/VR action-RPG game takes you across the galaxy where cats rule the battlefield in giant Mech titans using massive weapons and super science.
Beta Testing is a couple weeks away! A few more days to install metrics and fancy login.
Rebranding from Omegatechgame to Cats-In-Mechs is a lot of work.
2-13-2018 Hello fellow Claws of Steel folks... Finished the pilot chooser UI and now working on server parts to save the effective info. 10 pilots in all ranging from pretty ladies to ugly brutes, tried to hit the common stereotypes. I'm thinking this is the way to deliver the ongoing content. Each character pilot having a real story arc and mission series especially tailored to them. As the player get more and more career quests completed, their current pilot gets closer to unlocking the next pilot. Back in the Bioware days, I loved the non-linear framework so looking to do that somehow with being able to unlock a set of new pilots. Then having to complete the arcs of all pilots to unlock the next set felt nice. In the meantime, uploaded another wallpaper image in the meantime which we used partially to guide the 3D model development of the littlest of the enemy robots.
2-12-18 Hello fellow metal feline fans... Finished most of the Player Portrait chooser and now integrating it with Matt's (one of our gameplay engineers) login panel so people can get an all-in-one Multiplayer identity established. The most time consuming parts isn't the panel operations itself, its getting the right placement into the game. - players need to register their name and password for PvP and at the right time.. so guiding folks to the button after the tutorials is a delicate hand-holding process. Not too much hand holding to irritate people either. So the portraits will become the gate way to unlock DLCs. - players multiple paths to get to the registration also need to be present for the player.. from the main menu, from the base, and from the main navigation switchboard all need to be aware of the player's registration status. Lots of good wires to connect. Uploaded some concept art we had for the player controlled robot.

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iOS; Android