Cats In Mechs
Updated a year ago
In development
iOS; Android
What happens when you find the most powerful energy source in the galaxy? Find out and join Aspen on the front lines where the fur really flies. This top-down 3D tablet/phone/VR action-RPG game takes you across the galaxy where cats rule the battlefield in giant Mech titans using massive weapons and super science.
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10 pilots in all ranging from pretty ladies to ugly brutes. Delivering ongoing content. As the player get more and more career quests completed, their current pilot gets closer to unlocking the next pilot.
Complete quests to unlock the secrets of the alien world made by cats.
Customize your mech and let the underlying game coordinate and tailor more and more of the things you like. Watch as the game itself alters key components like the environment, AI behaviors, and mech component rewards.
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iOS; Android