Catermeow Goes To College
Published 23 days ago
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Linux; Mac; Windows
A 2D platformer made as a collaboration with me as lead
Catermeow Goes to College is a peaceful 2D platformer made as a collaboration over the course of three months by several members of the Birmingham AL game development group. I lead the effort. For this project, I created the design document, managed a Trello board of tasks, controlled the github project repo, did almost all the art and did a lot of the project's nitty gritty stuff in the game's scenes using Unity. It was meant as a learning project for all involved. The game is free on
This game was made by the following:
Me - team lead
Fredric Dorothy - secondary project owner
jinglebiscuits (aka Scott Wehby) - programming contributions
owlweasel (aka Taylor Bowser) - some art and voice talent contributions

Latt Vines
Developer - Owner
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows