Moon Run (2D runner)
Updated 2 days ago
Help Cat Armstrong to get him home!
This a side-scrolling runner with very simple ONE TAP gameplay. Cat Armstrong gets home after his spaceship crashes on Mars.

Story (November 5, 2018)

I am not a game designer or artist I am just a web developer that love visual stuff, apps and games and wants to make my own awesome 2D game with simple gameplay and juicy graphics that kids will love.
The whole game will be produced by only one person (me) to boost my professional skills and have one more 'check' in my life TODO-list.
Any support and (further) critique for this project are welcomed and I will appreciate that a lot. Thanks

New sketches (November 8, 2018)

Today I drew some sketches of main character


Hello there. I had busy days recently and did some art and animation for main character. Today I am going to finish the character graphics and animation. Then I want to add new features to gameplay.
Since the game is a side-scrolling runner we need a very simple gameplay.
  • 1 left-tap (while on the ground) – Jumping
  • 1 left-tap (while in air) – Pulling (via magnetic boots))
  • 1 right-tap and hold – Acceleration (double normal speed)
Astronaut has a tank with an air which can be used to accelerate forward to avoid collisions. But to make the game more interesting, the air is not infinite. The character breathes AND the air is significantly ending when player uses the acceleration which makes the game more interesting.
Locations and Levels
For now I've figured out only few obvious locations (Chapters):
  1. Mars
  2. Ice planet (New Year theme)
  3. Moon
  4. Candy planet
  5. Earth
Each location will have up to 20 levels (from easy to hard difficulty). For some holidays new temporary locations will be included (like Halloween or New Year)
In-Game Bonuses
  1. Air (adds air to your main air tank, immediate usage)
  2. Shield (creates a electric shield around you so you can collide with one obstacle, 25 seconds)
  3. Haste (boosts your speed immediately for 10 times and puts coins on your way, 4 seconds)
  4. Double-coin (increase a rate of coins by two)
Bonuses are stackable
Skins and Items
To make the game even more catching I want to add skins and items which changes only visual parts, BUT DO NOT affect on game process. Some thoughts:
  • Skin "Zombi" (30000 coins or 2 crystals)
  • Skin "Alien" (50000 coins or 3 crystals)
  • Skin "Robot" (60000 coins or 4 crystals)
  • Trace effect "Rainbow" (5 crystals)
  • A Pet which follows you and never dies until you (8 crystals)
Player collects coins playing the game. Extra coins and Crystals can be bought on market

"First impression" (November 15)

Today I did some rough prototype of character mechanics and some catchy procedural animation for cat's tail

Some game arts, Trello (November 16)

Hello everybody. Today I got some time to draw arts -- in-game bonuses.
Also I've created a Trello board to get everything noted in one place (it's public) --

November 18 (Some new art)

Hello there. Today I've made some new sprites for obstacles and prticles effect

What's next?

In further notes I will describe what obstacles and enemies, daily bonuses, achievements and missions will be.

Max Diachenko
Full-stack Developer - Programmer
Max Diachenko
4 days ago
Full-stack Developer - Programmer
SteveMy kids will definitely love it. Keep going
Hope so ❤
Max Diachenko
4 days ago
Full-stack Developer - Programmer
Ben EspositoDamn, this tail is so sexy. How did you implement that?
Thank you Ben. It's pretty easy with Spring Bonee and Spring Manager
4 days ago
My kids will definitely love it. Keep going
Ben Esposito
4 days ago
Damn, this tail is so sexy. How did you implement that?
Max Diachenko
7 days ago
Full-stack Developer - Programmer
Black DOKI think this game will be in the top of the App Store.
@Black DOK Thanks mate. I appreciate your support