Castle Battle VR
The battle of castles is a game performed in a stylized style. The virtual world is as if drawn on paper. 3 kingdoms are fighting for themselves. You need to guard the castle from the attack of armed wars of neighboring kingdoms. The main task of the player to lift the siege of his kingdom, crushing the constant influx of enemy archers. You are given the allotted time to resolve the conflict, on which your reputation will depend as the most venerable war of your kingdom. With each defeated enemy, you earn gold, the amount of your reward depends on the intensity and accuracy of hits on the enemies. Earned gold you can spend on the purchase of contracts to provide your hero with additional opportunities and special arrows. I hope that you will like the game, watch the news. This project is fully compatible with popular VR platforms.
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Sergey Shushunov
VR Developer / Level Designer / Producer - Designer