Castaway Kirk
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Linux; Mac; Windows
A lone fisherman becomes stranded on a deserted island with some seriously fishy business going on, presented in the medium of a first person adventure puzzle game.
As a fan of the hugely popular Half Life and Half Life 2, naturally some elements of the sci fi genre and puzzle elements were going to spill into my future projects. If you haven't played my demo, what are you waiting for! Its free, and there's a link to it right on this page! Did you play it yet? OK, now we can talk.
Although the demo takes place entirely on the boat, and serves only as an introduction to how Kirk ends up on the island in the first place, I think we succeeded at creating our first (of many) settings of mystery and atmosphere. We want to tell a story that will blow your mind. Everything is story-boarded, with the base framework code firmly in place to get production moving on this psychological thriller filled with brain teasing puzzles to really give the player the feeling that they are part of something as important to the history of man as the moon landing, regardless of if you believe the moon landing actually happened or it was staged by Stanley Kubrik. Whether I finish it by myself, or find some cool people to work with along the way, I know its gonna be worth all the whiles.

Joshua King
Game Designer - Artist
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Linux; Mac; Windows