Cassiopeia Walkthroughs
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WebGL; Unity Web Player
An interactive recreation of the title ship from the book series ERS Cassiopeia Adventures.
The purpose of this project is to recreat a number of the key locations mentioned in the books as a 3 dimensional environment that players can walk through and interact with. Each module will be compiled as a stand along application for use with the HTML5 platform so that it can be integrated with the accompanying website dedicated to the ship and the book series. The final module of this project will be a walkthrough application featuring the entire ship. Players will be able to view the ship in its various stages of development as the series progresses.
This project will lay down the foundation for a full game project centered around spaceships.
The first module currently being worked on is the standard crew quarters for the ship.
At the moment the project is in need of coding assistance to build the C# scripts to allow for the following actions:
  • Basic character movement, walking forward, backward, side steping left and right, turning left and right.
  • Character viewpoint control, looking around with mouse input.
  • Switching camera viewpoint between first and third person views.
  • Changing character body posture, standing, crouching, crawling.
  • Mounting ladders, climbing up and down ladders and dissmounting ladders.
  • Activating interactable objects.
  • Open/Closing of doors when the control panel is interacted with.
  • Turning lights on and off on command.
  • Additional actions as need to allow the player to explore the ship and modules.
At presetn most of the general design work for the ship has been done using Google SketchUp Light and rendered with RayLectron. I am presently in the process of rebuilding the 3d assets for the crew quarters in Unity.
Onyx Dragon Inc.
Benjamin Swem
Designer - Owner
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WebGL; Unity Web Player