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About This GameThe Delightfully Fun Cannabis Farming Game! Casual Farming Sim meets Tycoon/RPG gameplay...with Cannabis! The year is 2017 and cannabis is the new green gold rush! It’s the wild west all over again with customers trying to get the best weed, businesses trying to make a buck, and everyone trying to stay out of jail!The marijuana industry is going through a once-in-a-lifetime, end-of-prohibition transformation. Will you get your cut of the profits?Cash Crop fuses the immensely popular RPG/Tycoon Farmer style of gameplay with the culture, humor, and challenges of today’s most popular cash crop!YOUR FARM, YOUR EMPIREControl your entire grow operation. Choose the strains to grow, design your irrigation and power systems. Run a small organic farm by hand, or a sprawling commercial grow with dozens of crew, multiple locations, and hundreds of plants. Choose the pace and the scale that fits your high goals.ECOLOGY, PLANT RELATIONSHIPYour plants are the heart of your farm. Caring for each of your plants is a fun rewarding challenge to keep them healthy and stress-free. From Sniklefritz to Pineapple Express, each strain has different needs and preferences. Become an expert grower by mastering the individual care of each plant.MORE TOOLS, MORE POWER (insert grunt)From hand tool to power tools, a variety of fun and playful equipment are available for the industrious farmer. Use hoses to water plants from a distance, and hedge trimmers to quickly harvest and tame your crops. HEAT: HiGHER RISK, HIGHER REWARDDo you run a squeaky-clean operation, in full compliance? Or do you risk everything for a shot at fortune? You accumulate Heat for growing more plants than you have a license for and doing business with shady characters. Too much Heat will attract protestors, inspectors, helicopter fly-bys, even DEA raids and shutdowns! Turn up the heat for a more engaging, fast-paced play! Follow all the rules and avoid risk for a more casual experience. YOU'RE NOT ALONE: MEET YOUR QUIRKY CREWGrowing all these plants is hard work; hire some friends to MAKE your farm flourish. When you're not directing them, crew members will move about the farm trimming plants, checking water and nutrient levels, and performing other tasks. Their skills will improve with use over time and with better equipment.NEGOTIATE CONTRACTS, MANAGE VENDORS AND CLIENTSReview and apply for a variety of contracts to fulfill. Meet other farmers, store owners, bands, celebrities, and maybe even Big Foot (he loves Sasquatch OG) as you share your crop. Negotiate for every last penny or accept bottom dollar to improve your relationships.TECH TREE: STAFF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTBehind every great bud is a great team. Hire lawyers, gardeners, even street dealers as you expand your operation. Investing in your staff unlocks skills, perks, and abilities for your farm. COMPLEX SYSTEMS: AUTOMATION MAKES YOU STRONGER (and makes it one step closer to the robots taking over) Tired of watering by hand? Work smarter, not harder, by installing pipes and sprinklers to quickly and reliably water your plants. Timers and other control systems can be installed to make managing your crop a breeze.EXPLORE THE PACIFIC NORTHWESTOnce your farm is running profitably, adventure onward. Explore Seattle, the Cascades, and more as you hunt for quests, breed new strains, expand to new markets, and find the Easter Eggs we've hidden for you. Open shop in Seattle, or start a grow in Oregon.FARMING: ONLY THE BEGINNINGFuture releases will include Retail and Processor gameplay. Move on from the farm and run your own chain of stores, glass shop, or an oil processing facility. Future plans also include new markets such as Nevada, California, Texas, and more. The sky is the limit! b4d347fde0 Title: Cash CropGenre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early AccessDeveloper:Joint VenturesPublisher:Joint VenturesRelease Date: 3 Aug, 2017 Cash Crop Free Download [key] cash crop in zimbabwe. cash crop en francais. cash crop fruits. cash crop africa. cash crop facts. cash crop definition world history. cash crop 5.0 yield. cash crop rootz. cash crop of sikkim. cash crop vs staple crop. cash crop clipart. cash crop us history definition. cash crop vocabulary. rascalz cash crop full album. cash crop clothing. cash crop weed seeds. cash crop profit per acre. cash crop philippines. cash crop kisii. cash crop west indies. cash crop today media llc. cash crop grow box yield. cash crop documentary full movie. cash crop ken. cash crop name. rascalz cash crop download. cash crop related words. cash crop non examples. cash crop production. cash crop ks2. cash crop in new zealand. cash crop grown in province number 2. cash crop of jammu and kashmir. quick cash crop. cash crop business in nigeria. cash crop game download. cash crop hemp. cash crop 1740. cash crop of punjab. cash crop jute. cash crop pictures. cash crop of southern states. cash crop revolution. cash crop business plan. cash crop in machakos. cash crop download. cash crop of pakistan Good so far buggy but all early access games are because they are not finished. Alot of potential,game is fun to play hope to see with more content.. This game is not ready - everything that was in the trailer is not in the game it is bare bones at best everything says "will be released in a later patch". I bought the game for the trailer not the future updates.. Alot of potential,game is fun to play hope to see with more content.. Game still has game breaking bugs well after release. not recommended until they are fixed.edit: a year later they are still there. nothing has changed in 10 months. do not purchase. i wish i could have gotten a refund a year ago and especially now since i'm not interested in being a beta tester.. So far so good. I have played this game as a release on steam and even beforehand in the earlier stages and it's cool to see where the game has gone. I started as Sage because I liked his perk of bigger buds, because to me bigger buds = bigger wallet. By the end of march I had two separate plots, a lawyer who had my back, and 33 grand in pocket with several happy costumers including Green2Go, who had reoccurring contracts being offered, which I can only assume is a supply chain throughout the game. There are little bugs here and there so far, but haven't encountered any game breaking bugs. I was able to save my game and load it without any problems. However, I played as "Sage" and the game avatar was "Polly" but when I went back in game, I was Sage. Also, a few contracts called me "Polly" but I was Sage. Sometimes I've noticed the nutrients bars will have a gap at the bottom of the bar, and if I add the water/fertilizer, the bar drops down and starts to add to the top again. Not sure how this is affecting my plants but I thought it was worth mentioning. Sometimes it's a little difficult to target a plant, or know if I'm targeting the right plant. I've had nutrients add double when clicking consecutively.Once I play more, save up some, unlock some staff, I can update this post. As a tycoon game and early access, the foundation is there, and there is more to come. Keep it up, Joint Ventures!. Definitly looking forward to more content, very unique gameplay aspects and ideas, and really just a fun game to sit down and play. No where near the effort it takes like a stardew valley, but definitly a challenge to get the dope done.. This game feels very early access, but that's okay- it's still fun, and shows a lot of potential! I'm excited to see what happens as it grows. :). This game is not ready - everything that was in the trailer is not in the game it is bare bones at best everything says "will be released in a later patch". I bought the game for the trailer not the future updates.
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