Cartoon Motorbike Game Prototype
Updated 2 years ago
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WebGL; Android
I had a slow few days a few weeks back so I began prototyping a cartoon motorbike game using some assets from a old project.
I plan to throw it together pretty quickly when I have time (After the Planetary Air Defense demo is out) and distribute it via Kongregate, and Google Play but I might put it on more platforms later!
So far I have actually prototyped most of the game including but not limited to:
  • The player controller (Bike physics/Animations, Player physics/Animations, Win/Death/Ragdoll, Collectables, Stuns/Rewards)
  • A level and checkpoint system.
  • A level generator.
  • All of the game UI and core systems.
However due to the seemingly unlimited number of games in this genre I am considering adding some more cool features such as:
  • A Character/Bike customization system.
  • A leader board system.
  • A save/load system.
  • A survival mode where you can play in a infinite randomly generated map until you die and are rewarded based on how far you progress in the map.
  • Multiplayer where you can compete against other players to either finish a level first or survive the longest.
  • A level editor/custom map system.
Of course this is all subject to change and as this is not my main project it will not be completed for a while but if you would like to keep up to date with this as well as my other side projects you can follow me on here or using the social buttons at the very bottom of this post below my profile picture!
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WebGL; Android