Cargo Cult Preview
Updated 9 months ago
Cargo Cult is an arcade game with roguelike influence, it has a strong retro feel and fresh mechanics. You'll control a mutant on his race to freedom, punching, slashing, and shooting your way around on a rocket. A fast-paced game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, at least until you get killed.
The game will be available sometime in 2019. In this preview, I'll share my experience after trying out the beta. An important part of the game is still under development, including parts of the UI, features, and tutorials. However, the current version shows the core of the game pretty well.
Size: 32MB
Genre: Arcade
Developed by: Ryan Kwok
Reviewed on PC.


Cargo Cult has a simple story, you're a mutant in a post-apocalyptic world. Captive, and forced into deathly combat for entertainment purposes. you need to find a way to escape, my favorite is turning on the captors, killing the audience and using their own entrance. After that, you'll make your way to a rocket, and start racing for your life.


Cargo Cult is really fast-paced, that's before getting to the rockets. Your mutant is fragile, which makes combat quite challenging. You need to move and strike swiftly. Then, the rockets are just nuts. They will go extremely fast, avoiding hazards is more about luck than skills. Not counting the enemy rockets, that will try to crash and board your ship. You might think about slowing down a little, that's not a great idea. Losing too much speed will cause you to crash land, leaving you vulnerable on the ground while you start your rocket again.
You can customize your character by choosing different mutations. Changing the way you move, the color, and other aspects of your mutant. There are also a few different weapons you can use to keep the killing interesting. The game will include looting and installing new parts to your rocket, but that's still under development.
One of my favorite parts is the erratic motion of the mutant. That makes the gameplay quite fresh. Your mutant won't just walk, it will crawl around awkwardly. The mutations that change the shape of your mutant will also change how it moves, which makes the feature consistent, and somewhat creepy.


Cargo Cult uses simple 3D chars in a top-down 2D world. The graphics give the game a strong retro feel. The world is dark and creepy, filled with garbage, that you'll need to fix your rocket by the way.


You can follow Cargo Cult on Twitter. Ryan is active there. If you want to give the beta version a test run, you can try asking him for a key on the official Discord Server.
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Daniel Rosales
8 months ago
Chris CarpenterLove the originality that is prevalent right throughout this hand crafted gem.
Right? So fresh!
Chris Carpenter
9 months ago
Founder & Lead programmer
Love the originality that is prevalent right throughout this hand crafted gem.