Care-Free Aquarium
Published a year ago
In development
Very simple Aquarium app that works more as a sleep aid then a game!
Care-Free aquarium marks the beginning of the SmolGames series. This one specifically works better as a sleep aid app, or at-least that is what it has been doing for me... Upon Start, every time, you have an empty tank. Select the fish you want to fill your tank with from the sidebar, set your tanklights color, and if you want, adjust the SFX volume levels to suit the ambiance you want. Currently there are small easter eggs within the game to add some rare instances of fish. Special colors, particles, etc. I will also develop an option to save your tanks occupent list(the fish in your tank). You can make your fish all swim up to the camera, and move with your mouse/touch, they will flock upon release and resume their normal fish lives. This is version 0.01 of this game. I wanted to get ahead to the android building process because i anticipate a lot of roadblocks (I was right, already have multiple builds failing due to MacOSX unity exporting VR shaders into my android builds[No matter the unchecked box for this specific option]). I will be adding functions to assist battery conservation while running this app to fall asleep, once i get a successful dev build outta unity.
Care free Aquarium is a solo project, it will help me get a handle on working the app marketplaces, and deploying builds successfully.
Wesley Godbout
IVSMultimedia - Owner
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