Cardamom of The Dead
Cardamom of the Dead is one of the first lyric literary works for Oculus Rift. Everyone at this Party is Dead is a complete but expanding work (Cardamom of the Dead is the larger suite of stories) that at this point contains about 30 small narrative worlds explored in a sandbox. You enter the piece standing at the edge of an island and in the middle of a soundscape of a party taking place, with guests being named: these were the guests of my 21st birthday and they are now all dead. What follows is a fictionalized narrative, at times semi-autobiographical, at other times entirely made-up. You are urged to explore houses and stones and artifacts spread across the terrain of the island at skewed scales - like a dreamscape. addressable objects are signalled by tear-shaped signposting and will propel you into a different environments in order to access and bring to light three longer narratives of the dead woven through the work: 1) a story of a sudden illness and a meditation on euthanasia and family stories on this theme; 2) a coming-of-age story of sex relating to a murder; and 3) a meta-theme of collecting - objects, memories, digital artefacts - as a consoling practice. This piece was premiered at ELO in Milwaukee, 2014.
Cardamom of The Dead ( 2015) Cardamom of the Dead​​​​​​​
Dale Rosen
Maker - Designer