Canine Climbers
This game was created for Solent Mega Jam 2018 which took place at Solent University from the 17th to the 21st of October. The theme for this jam was Man's Best Friend
Our team decided on creating a physics based local multiplayer game, where you climb up onto the statue as high as you can and then set the new highest point for the next player to climb.
The way we created the character was by using the 2D IK system in the package manager and then adding rigidbodys to the body parts. We then had an effector which could be moved around and would move the limbs it was attached to. We decided to move these limbs with forces to have it so that you are pushing the limbs around.
Input handling was done with the help of InControl, which allowed us to hot swap controllers on the fly with no problems.
Art & Audio - Robin Bishop
Code & Audio - Ethan Bruins
This games premise was inspired by Mount Your Friends
Ethan Bruins
Programmer - Student
Robin - Student