Candy Machine
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How we got started:
This Christmas, December 25, 2017, my husband and I got an Oculus Rift. As we played it over Christmas Break with the kids we were having a blast, but thought of numerous game ideas that would be fun to play that weren't available in the VR stores. After a few days of talking about it Tim said why can't we try to write one of the games ourselves?!?! I thought well it seems hard because we know nothing about coding, gaming, writing programs, design, etc.
Well on Sunday January 7, 2018 Tim decided to give it a try...He downloaded Unity....stayed up until 2am trying to figure it all out while I got my beauty sleep. The next morning to my surprise he had built a few recognizable items by watching tutorials and just trying it out. He was so excited about it he was back at it by 8am showing me all he had learned. His excitement rubbed off on me and I set up my own Unity account to try and catch up with him...When I was downloading Unity on my computer I noticed there was a Neon challenge going on...I showed it to Tim and the rest is history!
We tossed out ideas the first 2 days of what kind of neon environment we should attempt to build with the knowledge we were gaining each day. First it started as an outdoor scene watching a lightening storm with fireflies, but how do we make that futuristic?? We found some cool ways to implement the neon, but were having a hard time with the rest. I was getting frustrated trying to build the mountains and that's when I took a break, stopped working on the project all together...for us this started as something fun for us to enjoy and be creative. I had to re-think and let go of the lightning storm idea...
Tim kept on learning and finding new things he liked or thought would be cool. The next day when I came back around to it he was showing me the fun assets he had figured out how to add. He showed me at his computer and left me to try them out and see how I liked them. I looked them over and thought "wouldn't it be cool if" ....I watched a couple youtube video tutorials to figure out how to add my "wouldn't it be cool if" ideas (which turns out to be called particle systems in Unity). I added some crazy particle systems to his assets and when he returned to see if my spark of fun had returned I showed him what I had figured out....
Now looking at the screen we had a jumble of junk! We had neon rings, cubes, particle systems, fire, and lightning....what the heck were we going to make out of our fun ideas?? Tim came up with the idea of a candy machine which turned into a candy factory somewhere along the we had figured out Tim was good at the background, flooring, tubes, assets, etc. and I was good at particle systems and making alterations to them so they would fit the theme via color, size, speed, direction, etc.
Off to work we went building our futuristic neon candy machine in the candy factory.
January 14, 2018: Our Nephew Jevan joins the TEAM! Jevan is assisting in creating the video for this submission.
Bummer deal! :( We cannot get our video to export into YouTube at this says there is an issue with the site. Will upload as soon as it allows...
Asset Store Reference: Julai Models by ILranch, Adorable 3D Food Set by Layer Lab, Delicious Sweets Candies by Pixel Stash, Skybox Series Free by Avionx, Space Shuttle by Arvis Magone, Standard Assets by Unity Technologies, Particle Ingredient Pack by GAPH, Starter Particle Pack by FullTiltBoogie, Particle Ribbon by Moonflower Carnivore, Ice Shader by Saucy Sushi Shop.
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