Can I Borrow Some Light?
Published 3 years ago
In development
2017 Game Jam. Great Weekend.

This time we went with 4 programmers (including me) and 1 artist. We went for game where you enlighten your way in a cave throwing a enormous coin. We set up the game in a lucid dream to fit all story idea. The game genre is 2D Side Scroller as we tried to do exploration as main focus of the game.

As we were mostly programmers we managed to create workflow which allowed us to work very fast. If someone got stuck, another programmer sat behind him for half an hour watching him work and after that he continued from that point. It was brilliant, both because everybody worked on everything and we managed to finished it in time (with some little bugs of course). I worked mainly on character behaviour, coin mechanics, a bit on the lights and trap behaviour. Also I felt like the chain link between the programmers and the artist which in the end was a key part of the project.
Georgi Kabadzhov
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