Call of Duty
Published 21 days ago
The Call of Duty Game Franchise
For this article I choose to write about the Call of Duty game franchise. The franchise started with their first game called "Call of Duty" in 2003. The games I decided to play today, which also happens to be their most recent game, was Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, which was released in 2014. I decided today to play the most recent game of the Call of Duty series because I wanted to see how the franchise has changed so much over the years.
Both Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare have both a campaign and multiplayer mode. I have always been more of a multiplayer guy than the campaign because I enjoy the competitive aspect that multiplayer can bring. Both games have many different game modes on the multiplayer side. They have a lot of the same game modes but also have some different and newer ones in Modern Warfare. They both have the classic game modes such as Search and Destroy, Team Death Match, and Kill Confirmed. Each year the Call of Duty franchise releases a new game and they remove sold old game modes and create new game modes while keeping most of the classic games. This game mode cycles makes the new games released every year a little more interesting and exciting.
Game modes obviously hasn't been the only thing that has changed over the years in the franchise. I think a big aspect that changes every year is the improvement in graphics. Every year that Call of Duty releases a new game, the graphics get better and better. Having better graphics makes the game a lot more fun and appealing to the eyes. Looking back over the years on the different Call of Duty's, it is amazing how much they have improved in the graphics.
In my opinion, I think the biggest change that the Call of Duty franchise makes each year is the game's setting. Each Call of Duty game essentially is the same thing, but the big way to distinguish the games are its setting. In the two games I played today, Advanced Warfare had a futuristic war setting where Modern Warfare is more of a World War II setting. The setting of the games change a lot about the game. It changes the way the map looks, the types of guns, and even game modes sometimes. The setting of Call of Duty has been very important and has sometimes even led the game to flop. One example of this was Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, where the whole community was mad because Call of Duty was doing another futuristic game which for most people was way to futuristic which led people not to buy the game.
I think the main reason that this franchise has been able to stay alive for so long is because of their three different developers. The franchise's three developers are Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, and Treyarch. The developers produce their own game on a cycle giving each developer essentially three years to produce their game each. This gives the developers way more time to perfect the game but also allows for the players to get a new game every year. Besides having three years to make the game to make it the best they can, the franchise also gets to have a variety of different ideas as they are being produced by different developers rather than by only one developer.
Max Johnson
Rookie Game Dev - Student