Call From Mars: help me to broadcast my music from Mars!!
Goodbye everyone, see you on Mars in 2021! (VOTE FOR THE SONG!! Details below...)
...Now that I get your attention, give me some minute to tell you an incredible story...
In 2021, the European ExoMars mission will land on Mars, in the framework on a collaboration between ESA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos. It will bring the landing platform "Kazachok" and the European rover "Rosalind Franklin" to the surface of the Red Planet, into the Oxia Planum region.
One of the scientific instruments will analyse Mars atmosphere, by recording electromagnetic signals and sending them back to Earth. In order to calibrate the instrument, it will first broadcast back an audio test transmission: how did they choose this audio? They made a contest in which anyone could send a recording, then the scientists chose 11 tracks, helped also by an online vote. All these 11 tracks will be stored in a memory device and delivered to Mars, but only one of them will be transmitted back to Earth.
Guess what? I made a song, and it was selected as one of the eleven!!! My music will be actually delivered to Mars, how cool is that!?!?!??!
Now, there is an online vote going on to decide which will be transmitted back, and I would need your help to come back home!
You can vote online for my submission on (beware that you have to click on a link in the confirmation email, and this email usually goes into the spam folder!)
You can read more information about the project here:
and on YouTube you can watch me playing my song:

This is the idea that led me to play my song:
I think that music is the highest possible form of art that can unite all the people. Everyone can understand music, without need for any translation. I combined instruments I collected from many different countries, to ideally represent everyone on Earth for this project.
I used instruments from Australia (didgeridoo), India (sitar), Peru (flute and charango), Russia (balalaika), Mexico (tun kuul), China (erhu) Italy (mandolin), Slovakia (Fujarka) an african drum, and an acoustic guitar The ocean waves were recorded by myself in the Maldives sea.
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