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Mac; Linux; Windows
Calkarious is a cooperative top-down shooter where two players must defend a powerful brain coral under constant siege by bioluminescent creatures.
Set inside a massive sphere of water in deep space - Calkarious
involves rapid decision making and quick maneuvers as players struggle
against 6 different colored enemies.
Each enemy can only be killed by a shot matching its own color, and players
will need to constantly switch up their attacks to survive.
A third player can even take control of the brain coral itself (with the mouse), and change its color to absorb similarly colored enemies. Absorb enough enemies, and you'll be able to release a devastating pulse attack.
The brain coral can only take three hits before its destroyed. Work
together to defend this magnificent coral for as long as possible and
achieve the highest score.

Hessvacio Hassan
Web and Game Dev - Programmer
Jose Zambrano
Game Designer - Artist
Robert Canciello
Game Designer - Producer
John Corn
Developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Mac; Linux; Windows