Caesaris Mortem (Pixel Art)
Updated 2 years ago
The game is a Hack and Slash by waves. The player controls a character which has to survive wave after wave, each time facing more powerful enemies until they reach an intermediate boss (hydra) and finally, the final boss, who will be the emperor.
Before starting the game, the player is given a choice of two available weapons, which are random, but there is always a melee and another at a distance. Once the player has chosen the weapon, he will enter the arena and face the enemies. Each weapon will have different animation, range, damage and abilities.

The arena stage is a Roman coliseum. Enemies come out in waves from the main arena door of the arena, archers leave side doors that are below the public stands, which can not be seen. Each wave will increase its difficulty compared to the previous one. The enemies include several types of Roman soldiers and Greek mythological beings.

The player can move freely through the arena and attack in all four directions, while enemies only attack in two directions.

It has a life bar with the shape of a hoplite helm, which goes down every time it takes damage from enemies, until, when it reaches zero, the player will die and will have to start over.
Oscar Forra Carbonell
Unity Developer - Programmer