©ompass360° (Augmented Reality)
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An AR Compass app from the era of the first iPhones (3G). The OpenGL ES engine is custom developed using iPhone sensor data.
©ompass360° is an Augmented Reality compass where you can see the geographic directions around you right on your live camera preview. Against other compass applications ©ompass360° can calculate/display heading data just from the direction you're actually points with the iPhone camera (360° heading mode). It removes all the heading inaccuracy since the calculations are merely independent from the actual device orientation*.
Of course you can still use it as a classic "flat" compass just by holding your device horizontally (camera pointing to the ground so), hereby ©ompass360° switches to classic heading mode.
Since ©compass360° uses iPhone's magnetic sensor it can be used » on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices only! «
Main features: • 360° heading mode • Sexagesimal GPS notation • Variable compass field of view • True / magnetic north source • Smooth graphic implementation
* Please note that the iPhone's magnetic sensor can be strongly affected by surrounding magnetic fields (notable amount of metal, electronics etc.), however, the application will notify you when there's any interference around.

Geri Borbás
Unity / iOS / Developer / Designer - Programmer
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