Byte:New Threat
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Many cycles of command execution have passed since the destruction of the heuristic-polymorphic virus net.rine and it is time to update the software. To do this, it was necessary to give low-level commands access to the kernel of the system. At the risk of security, the administrator allowed access and launched the update for execution. But the update was not as secure as it seemed at first glance. The virus net.rine was not completely destroyed by the previous byte and was waiting for its hour, hiding in the lines of code and being modified for a powerful attack on the security system. It infiltrated the update package stream and reached the server computer. In the last hope of saving the network, the administrator had nothing to do except to re-run the code for the world's first experimental antivirus with intelligence. Now the security of the server and the entire network depends only on one byte ...

Bloody Dusk - Artist
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