By the End of Fall
Published 10 months ago
Hold on to your nuts... You may need them later!
Created by Michael Robson and Morgen Diaz - Founding members of Mirrored Horizon Studios.
By the End of a Fall is a procedurally generated side-scroller about a red squirrel named Hunter, collecting food before the end of autumn. There are many hazards in the forest that must be avoided or it could be the end of poor hunter. He must survive as long as he can or he will have to start collecting food all over again.
This is our first game, not just as a team but as individuals. This started as a test project to help us learn Unity and make use of their new 2D tools, but we quickly found we had many ideas to expand off of. We are now looking to evolve this concept towards a full story driven title for PC and consoles.

Gameplay Concept

  • Parallax scrolling backgrounds to provide players with the perception of depth in a 2D environment.
  • Procedurally generated levels, no player will play the same game.
  • Avoid obstacles to survive and go as far as you can.
  • Collect Acorns along your journey and trade them for power ups to help aide you further into the forest.
  • The further you go the harder it becomes, so hold on to your nuts you may need them later!
  • "COMING SOON! - Facebook friends leader board - Challenge your friends to beat your high score!"

Environment Concept to Implementation

To help create the sense of depth and immersion, the environment is constructed from 8 different designs which make up the 13 layers of backgrounds and foregrounds. Using a combination of Z axis arrangements and scrolling speeds the player truly feels like they are following hunter's journey through the forest.

Map Generation

Using a collection of assets the level is randomly generated at run time and never ending. We used random factors within constant constraints to build the ground and hazards making the level different on every play through. The difficulty factor is determined based on how far the player progresses, making hazards spawn more frequently and changing the map generator's rules. One of the hardest challenges we faced was making the map look cohesive despite being built at run time.

Animation and Effects

Unity's Built in 2Danimation package allowed us total control over Hunter's movements and animations. We built a simplified skeleton structure to achieve realistic movement and speed up the animation process. We had previously worked with Anima2D for earlier animations, but found the built in package was very intuitive and user friendly, making it easy to transition to.

Power Ups

We added power ups to help the player traverse the hazardous environment, making some obstacles easy to overcome and others more difficult. It's up to the players quick response to decide which power up is needed if any at all. Power ups may change the players physics, appearance and how the player interacts with the environment.

Gameplay Trailer

Future Development

  • Facebook Friends Integration - In game leader board showing the top ranking high scores among the players Facebook friends. This will also give the player the ability challenge their friends and see who can travel the furthest.
  • New Hazards and Enemies - Coming Soon!
  • New Dangers over Distance - More dangerous hazards and enemies spawn the further you travel, making the game more challenging and less repetitive.
  • Climate progression - As you travel deeper in to the forest the seasons will change along with the scenery, giving the player an indication of progression and achievement.
Michael Robson
Founding Director & Lead Designer - Designer
Morgen Diaz
Lead Developer - Founding Member - Programmer
Chuck Chuckerson
10 months ago
nice work especially the artwork and approach to the background!
Lilia yamamoto
10 months ago
I would love to play this. It looks addicting!