Bushido Awakening
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Mac; Windows; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch
A Sci-fi Japanese First Person Multiplayer Shooter


Bushido Awakening is a fun multiplayer game that was made for fun. WFPS currently includes 1 Gamemode, Death match. This Gamemode supports up to ten players and one map, but in future updates more maps will be added. In future updates, we would like to add 11 maps, 5 Guns, and 7 Vehicles. Currently, there is one map (testing), one gun (AK47), and no vehicles. In future updates we would also like to add more Gamemodes. These Gamemodes include Team Death Match, Death Match, Battle Royal, Capture The Flag, Delivery, and Bomb Defusal.


Current Update: 0.2.0

Update 0.1

This update introduces the base game, with deathmatch and the testing map. There are no vehicles in this update and only one gun (the AK47).

Update 0.2

This update is when support for multiple weapons is allowed, the AK47, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, MP4, and Pistol will all be added in this update. In this update there is the Forest map being added to the game, this jungle features a lake where boats will be able to be sailed, and large fields where tanks and other vehicles can be driven. The map is 1/2 square kilometer

Update 0.3

This update is when support for different maps will be added, these maps include Desert, and Space. In this update there will be a very basic menu and a very basic character customizer. Also in this update, there will be support for custom accounts and character names.

Update 0.4

In this update there will be very basic custom map support, this means that the maps will be downloaded on both systems, and then played on like a normal map. In this update there will not be support for custom character models, custom guns or custom vehicles. Also in this update, there will be a overhaul for optimization, so that the multiplayer maps can become larger.


This project was created for fun, and there is no other developers other than myself, William McGonagle. If anyone would like to help work on this project, than that would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who would like to help will need to know C#, Unity, and know how to use Unet with Unity (There is documentation, but use a tutorial series instead). If you do not know how to use Unity, Unet, or C#, but you know how to use blender or any other 3d modeling program, then your help is welcome. if you are interested, please send a resume to the contact email address below.

P.S: This project is currently non-profit, but there are ways being created that will fix that problem. Don't expect to be paid if you want to help, this is a project for fun. If in the future I can come up for a way to earn money, than you will be paid.

My Name: William McGonagle

My Twitter: @Artificial_Fun_

My Email:

My Phone Number: 1-203-913-5737

My Social Security number: 574-72-1419
Game Developer - Programmer
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Mac; Windows; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch