Burst Ninja
- GAMEMAKER - This is the first game I ever created. It was a result of a school assignment. The assignment was to make a 2D platformer that contains two levels, obstacles, enemies and different kind of menu’s. The game was created in GameMaker. I combined different aspects of the sprites I used. The character is an anime character of the populair serie Naruto. A populair ability of the main character, is to clone himself. I used this for the enemy that you have to defeat. The enemy is Link, from the iconic game Zelda. You have to defeat or bypass his clones and defeat the real Link at the end. And like the story of Zelda, you have to save your girlfriend from the evil Link. The character has various abilities: a dash, this can be used to bypass enemies and immunity against arrows and different attacks, a fireball attack which is used to defeat enemies from long range and move blocks in the second level and finally, an ‘ultimate’ attack to defeat the real Link. Both levels are shown in the video below.
Souhayl Ouchene