Burger Time: World Tour
Updated 2 years ago
Xbox 360; PlayStation 3
BurgerTime World Tour takes platforming to a new plateau with a Rotary Environment System, allowing cylindrical 3D levels to rotate around a center axis and the player to build around the circumference. Four-player action and online play add to the chaos and brings your friends into play.
  • Lead programmer programmer role: Responsible for managing a small team of programmers and for coordinating tasks with the art and the design departments.
  • Oversaw coding practices and code architecture upon which the game was built.
  • Responsible for the player code, player controls, player interactions and all Online play features.
  • Enemy path-finding and AI.
  • Made sure the game met all requirements to pass LOTCHECK, TRCs, etc.
Walid Fayad
Senior Game Developer at King - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Xbox 360; PlayStation 3