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The game is suitable for younger kids (0-5 years old) and anyone who wants to learn words in several languages. Realistic animations and sounds of the characters for each word make the learning process more fun. The possibility to rotate the characters in 3D encourages kids to learn its structure and moves from different angles.

NOTES about current version:
✔ Current version contains 20 animated characters
✔ First couple of versions will contain words for different kinds of animals and other living creatures. In future we will add other words' categories
✔ Different character sounds will be added as well
✔ Use provided screenshots with text bubbles to better understand how to use the application

🔸 Swipe gesture makes it easier for smaller kids to learn new words
🔸 Currently supported languages that can be changed during the play - English and Russian
🔸 Fun realistic animations of each 3D character representing the word keep attention of the kid at one word for a longer period of time
🔸 A curious kid can investigate the 3D character from various angles by 3D rotation functionality and easily reset the rotation to default state
🔸 Fun background music
🔸 Professional narrator female native voice in English and Russian
🔸 Switching between learning modes in Settings Window - titles with narration, only titles or only narration
🔸 Control of all sounds level - background music, narrator, character sounds
🔸 App saves all user preferences in Settings Window
🔸 No ads
Kateryna Levshova
Unity Developer ★ Technical PM - Other
Game Languages
Russian; English
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