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Android; iOS
In Bunnyhop you are a bunny in a fantasy world above the clouds. Your objective is to jump from platform to platform while avoiding obstacles and trying not to fall down. Bunnyhop is a casual fun mobile game, that takes a steady hand and patience to master. It has many levels to try your skills at and one endless world to beat your friends' scores at. You can collect coins at every level to unlock even more worlds and even better characters.
The idea for this game came to me in 2014 when I started thinking about how difficult some of the mobile games' controls were. And how studios were trying to put games with console controls on mobiles. I've always wanted to make games when I grew up, so I decided to try my luck at making one, that would be made 'right' in my eyes.
Paul Sokk
CEO of Venomite Studios - Manager
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Android; iOS