Bunny Hop 2D
Updated 2 years ago
by DK & Aki
Platform: mobile game


'Let's Make 2D Great Again!'

Under this motto, we have created our first game 'Bunny Hop 2D' for the Unity Connect '2D Challenge'. A quick 'draw 'n jump' arcade game with light splatter elements and a slice of dark and macabre humor.

Who Would Do This?

A two-member team of young and enthusiastic students with an ambition of creating games, born from a hobby.

No More Words

Just watch!

The Game

Easy concept but a lot of fun! Just draw a line and let your chosen Jumper bounce. But don't call it easy! Here comes the tricky part. Avoid obstacles, traps and enemies. You will have a hard time! But addiction warranted.






  • DK - idea, scripting, game design, mapping sounds, work-in-progress documentation
  • Aki - management, conception, graphics & design, mapping ,animation & video editing, documentation
After we had started using Unity, life became easier. But there were still hard times for beginners like us, struggling with 2D issues. But with Unity 2D Tools came the solution to the problems.

2D Tools

2D Sprite Shape Using the Unity 2D tools made the development of our game much more easier and interesting. The complexity of creating shapes by using Sprite Shape and the simple handling of it gave us a great time of creating new environment parts and important game elements, such as the bonbon jumping line.
  • Simple Use of '2D Sprite Shape' - Bonbon Jumping Line
  • Complex '2D Sprite Shape' editing - Obstacles
2D Cinemachine For the game principle we needed a camera system, following the Jumpers upwards the level. 2D Cinemachine gave us a simple and quick way to do that.
  • '2D Cinemachine'
All in all, the Unity 2D Tools, we have used so far, were easy to implement and did a great work for us! A cool and effective way to...
...'Make 2D Great again' for us (& everyone)!

  • Music Licenses From Pond5
  • Sounds: Unity Asset Store; Aki
  • Graphics & Animation: Aki
Student - Programmer
Student/Game Dev. - Artist