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About This GameBulleto Master is a game in the wild wild west style. You shoot and control your bullets and try to move them to bunce and hit your targets.You can also go into slow motion for a limited time to gain additional controls over them. Defeat all the enemies and keep your town safe at all cost.In a single line:Its a western , first person shooter with slow motion and control for the bullets you shoot,duel style game.Remember you can bounce your bullets around the scenario and kill enemies behind walls. All graphics are done on Unreal Engine HD with detailed textures.1.- Story,The character was invited into a Tournament , and the price is to become "The Bulleto Master".The town is a dedicated place for duels where the worst criminals and most talented shoters and duelists gather.Train and survive until there is no one alive in the town to challenge or be challenged by you.2.- Game Mecanics,You have 6 bullets in your gun , shoot carefully because you are left vulnerable while reloding. Bullets can be used to block enemy bullets and keep you alive if you miss your first shoot. Also the slow motion feature can help you get more time and control your bullets.New guns ad upgrades can save you from a sure death.Spend your earned money carefully so you can buy what you need for the next level.3.-Game modes,Story mode, the main adventure. Win the tournament after surviving and defeating all enemies.Last man standing will be "The Bulleto Master" .Training mode: Get to know the game mecanics and how to control and bounce the bullets. You get to practice on a shooting course so you can learn and master the basics.Killer mode: Find the hidding enemie with your bullets before he finds you with his own.Each round gets harder and you get less time. b4d347fde0 Title: Bulleto MasterGenre: Action, Adventure, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:BrowithPublisher:BrowithRelease Date: 17 Oct, 2018 Bulleto Master Download] [License] bullet master. bullet master
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