Bullet Chasers
Updated 2 years ago
High speed chase through a sea of bullets!

Game Overview

Bullet Chasers is a top-down twin stick shooter/bullet hell game, where the main objective is to destroy the train before it gets away, while fending of it's defenders, in this high speed, high intensity chase.
The game uses Unity's highly intuitive Pixel Perfect technology. It allows for smooth, high speed chases and clear graphics.

Step 1 - The Player - 27.11.2018

We can't have a game without a player character, right? This is how our main character looks like right now.
The game uses a modified version of spacejack's 2D car asset for it's movement. As you can see below, every car has four wheels, two wheels attached on each axle, an engine component, and a Sprite component that draws the body.

To control the player, a player character has have a special entity controller component that reacts to player input. W-S is configured to handle acceleration and A-D will handle steering. Notthing to complicated, right?
The end result looks something like this; As the car will drive mostly on dust, the dust trails on the back tires are a small creation of my own. It's a simple explosion-like script that expands the object and then disappears.

Step 2 - Backgrounds - 29.11.2018

Got a little bit of work done today.
Since this project won't use tiles,terrain generation does not rely on Unity's Tilemap asset. Instead, the background is obtained by repeating the background textures and aligning them to the camera. The end result looks like this;

Step 3 - Was there mention of Bullets? - 30.11.2018

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt... That's when the *real* fun begins.
Turrets are implemented and ready to use. The mouse controls the direction of the turret, mouse buttons to shoot. Bullets are color coded; blue is friendly, and purple/dark are enemy. The colors contrast with the orange background, so they're easy to see. And for the end result...

Step 4 - The AI - 3.12.2018

The AI is fully implemented and working! The goal of the AI will be to halt the player in it's progress, at any cost.
It tries to catch up with the player and, if close enough, ram it with it's car. Equipted with a basic turret, a single enemy won't be a big threat to the player, but the more you progress towards your goal, the more enemies will swarm the player, trying to impede it's progress.

Step 5 - The Chase - 4.12.2018

The objective of this game will be to chase, and destroy, a heavily armed train. It is carrying a nuclear weapon/ arms for the bad guys/the princess/whatever gets you to chase the bastard.
Naturally, when you approach a heavily armed train, it will shoot bullets in your direction. That is expected. It's mounted with 8 turrets (7 regular, one octidirectional) and 2 mine launchers to ensure your destruction. Did I mention the enemy cars trying to take you out?

Step 6 - General UI Settings 6.12.2018

Today was a bring update of UI elements and audio implementation. The final logo looks pretty neat and fits well with the theme and overall look of the game. The sounds were provided by ZapSplat, and the background music is called Tremors, by May Tremore.
A lot of final touches had to be done, especially the difficulty had to be revised as, in the current state, it was impossible for anyone new to the game to play the thing and not get obliterated.
Nevertheless, the game is now in an almost finished state. A few more playtesting and the game will be complete. Expect release soon.

Step 7 - Initial Release And Feedback - 8.12.2018

The game is in it's initial release phase and available to play on GameJolt!
This phase relies on YOU! Playing the game and giving input on what elements work, what elements need improvement and what needs to be removed altogether!
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