Bug Challenge
Published a year ago
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Bug Challenge is a simple 2D game for mobile devices running Android. It combines the elements of an endless runner with a stage or level system. It is my personal project and the first real game I made.
The idea is that players have an end goal even though the game itself is endless. The track is divided into stages and after the player has covered a certain distance he enters a new stage. Each stage has new obstacles and is more difficult than the previous one. As you progress through the stages your main character also changes. You start off underground as an ant running through a horizontal underground tunnel. After a while you start going up an angle until you come above ground and transform into a spider. You then have a horizontal stage as a spider until you reach a plant and start going up vertically. At the top of the plant you turn into a fly and start flying horizontally until finally you reach the final stage and become a bee. The only mechanic you have is a tap for short jump or hold for long jump but the gameplay gets very difficult very fast with the Flappy Bird inspired obstacles that have just a small gap you need to pass through. The player must jump at the right time through randomly generated obstacles with the speed gradually increasing. After completing a stage a player can also spend coins that he collects throughout the game to unlock specific stages to start from.
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