Buddha Lagoon
This idea behind this project was to create an environment in Unity centered around one main photogrammetry asset. A nine-inch tall carved stone Buddha would become a giant, hundred foot tall monument at the edge of a subtropical lagoon.

Main Sculpture

The Buddha was photographed and then processed with Agisoft Photoscan to create the 3D model and texture. Zbrush and Xnormal were used to make a low poly version with normal and occlusion maps. Quixel was used to add some mossy growth. I really wanted the landscape to look like it was starting to swallow the giant statue and part of that came from using Ivy Generator to build some leafy green vines creeping up into the Buddhas lap.

Other Models

I also wanted a solitary boat in the lagoon. Freshly excited about photogrammetry at the time, I decided to incorporate it in a new workflow for creating the boat. This ended up being far more trouble than it was worth. I started by sculpting it in polymer clay, baking that, sanding and painting it, then photographing and processing with Photoscan. It looked horrible so I brought that into Zbrush to try and clean up, reduce to low-poly with Xnormal, and finally texture with Quixel. The lantern was modeled in Maya. The boat would be a minor focus in the scene so after a bobbing animation was added in Unity enough time had been spent on it.
For the background a dock was sculpted quickly in Maya and a tropical looking shack was acquired from the Asset Store.

Environment Design

For the actual landscape I started by generating a heightmap using satellite data via TerrainParty and dropping that into Terrain Composer 2 in Unity to add the texture and details. I selected an area on the coast of northern Vietnam to get the start of the look I wanted - lush green mountains plunging into the clear water dotted with little islands. I then adjusted some of it by hand in the Unity terrain editor. Enviro was used for the light and sky, Aquas for the water.


Warm breeze carries the faint smell of diesel and sweet flowers. Birds and bugs flutter lazily. Boats bob. Buddha watches over the face of waters.
Alec Huxley