Bubble Pals
Published a year ago
Android; iOS; Windows Phone; Windows Phone 8
Play Bubble Pals, the second game made by Kumakore Studios, a colorful turn based bubble shooter game containing all your forest friends: bears, pandas, owls, monkeys, raccoons and more!

Interesting things:

  • Unique aspect of opponents playing off the same bubble board
  • Earn higher points by making matches faster
  • Use powerups such as bombs, extra bubbles, and freeze time
  • Earn coins by winning games and popping long bubble chains
  • Moving bubble rows down earns you more points, moving bubble rows up makes you lose points
  • Send powerup attacks that will distract your opponent
  • Use up all your bubbles before time is up to earn more points


In this project, my first outsourcing project as company owner, my responsibility was to create the game from scratch to release to former Zynga producer new company. So the demand was pretty high, with several monetisations and social features planned this project was challenging.
Excepting a help on the gameplay mechanic, I was responsible for almost game programming, like:
  • Gameplay: physics, powerups, board behaviour, attackers, score calculation, etc.
  • IAP integration
  • All Kumakore proprietary SDK integration to handle turns, resources monetisation, chat, friends, purchases, Push Notifications etc.
  • Integration with Ads plugins
  • UI
  • Character animation and effects
  • Asset management using Unity Asset Bundles
Otto Oliveira
Senior Game Programmer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Windows Phone; Windows Phone 8