Broken Civilization
Published a year ago
In development
Mac; Windows
A Real Time Strategy Game, for PC, VR, and Console where you command squads of soldiers in a pre-apocalyptic setting in London (currently under production).
You will control squadrons of elite soldiers, as you order them to make their way across complex building architecture, eliminating any zombies while trying to save as many civilians as possible. You will do this by tapping into security camera networks, which you can use to monitor the situation, scout ahead of your soldiers, or locate important targets. Issue your commands from this new perspective of CCTV. Be careful, however, as not even the best trained experts are prepared for a zombie invasion. Your soldiers have feelings and emotions, and may crack under the pressure if you push them too far. Equip them as best as you can, and make sure to create squads with good chemistry and loyal friendship, in order to be most effective in your task of ridding London of this plague.
Claudio Torres
Games Developer and Programmer - Programmer
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Mac; Windows