Bro Bots Go Underground
In the not-so-distant future, robots are everywhere. They talk like us. They walk like us. And they have really big personalities. Two British robots – Otis and Roberto – arrive in New York and join the NYPD.
When he’s not solving crimes and disposing bombs for the NYPD, Otis is a culture vulture. He prides himself on his impeccable taste and stylish appearance. Roberto is an ex-military man, who likes the simple things in life. If he could drink he’d always have a beer in his hand. But they are best friends. And arguably the best crime-fighting duo that the city has ever seen.
In this pilot episode, Otis and Roberto are called to investigate a bomb threat in a subway station. When they discover an unconscious woman on a train, things start to spiral out of control. Over the intercom, an ex candy-seller frustrated at losing his job to a charismatic vending machine, threatens to kill them both. Is this going to be the Bro Bots’ last mission?
Breaking Fourth