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Updated 2 years ago
Digital Menu Concierge
DropDownDigitalMenus has created a platform that’ll change the way you experience a business; from restaurants, airports, malls, theme parks to hotels and cruise lines to Universities and even Hospitals. But let’s look at a restaurant for example, you’ll see an iPad that’s either on a stand, or on an arm attached to the table. From there, you can order your entire meal, view the calorie count, change the ingredients, and even pay your bill. The same concept is applied to airports. Once you enter the airport, you’ll see the DropDownDigitalMenus – from there, everything you need to know is at your fingertips, from flight information to airport restaurants. These Digital Menus have already proven to increase revenues in the restaurant industry by at least 25% and higher; mainly because consumers order more when using a digital interface and because the platform helps the tables turn quicker. also provides a revenue sharing platform for all of their affiliated industries via advertising options on the digital directory menus.
Engel Alipio
Applications Developer/Architect - Programmer