Bringing Art &Storytelling to life! Fusing traditional with immersive.
Updated 8 months ago
"Drawing creates shape and form, animation creates movement and Augmented Reality creates dimension and interaction."
Over the last year or I have been experimenting with combining more of my traditional illustrative art and storytelling techniques with immersive AR/VR Technologies. The results have allowed me to pioneer a highly unique fusion between the two, bringing otherwise static artworks to life and creating deeper storytelling layers for audiences to explore.
The original artwork is illustrated with ballpoint ink, ink wash and watercolours. Once finished it's then scanned, spliced and re purposed into a 3d representation of the original work. Using Unity I then develop the functionality to ensure it maps correctly to the original framed illustration.
This is just one of several works I've created as part of my collection of augmented art/storytelling called 'Moving Marvels.' Through my own collection it allows others to better understand the potential Augmented Reality has to tell stories. Through AR I demonstrate how we can preserve and re-tell historical events, how to better understand the inner contents of objects and how artists can better express their ideas.

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