Parkerhill BridgeXR is an in-editor SDK manager for multi-device projects. Implement once (without branches) while targeting a variety of VR and AR devices, platforms and user interfaces.
Essential plugin for professional Unity VR/AR developers!

Features include:

  • * Additive scene bridge
  • * Conditional prefab bridge
  • * Conditional components bridge
  • * Input events
  • * Folder exclusions
Continue to use the high level toolkits you already know and trust, in one project. BridgeXR leverages the best of breed software from the leading VR and AR vendors, providing a device-independent layer to build your applications.

Why BridgeXR?

  • * Compatible with all SDK, past, present and future
  • * Build device-independent cross-platform VR and AR applications
  • * Handle varying user experience paradigms, semantics and devices
  • * Leverage coding best practices and Unity's innovative features
  • * Avoid code branches or duplicate project folders for target platforms and devices
  • * Protect your projects from SDK fragmentation, new SDK releases, new devices and technologies
Compatible with all major VR/AR toolkits, including:
  • * OpenVR and SteamVR Interaction System
  • * Google Daydream Elements
  • * Oculus SDK
  • * Windows Mixed Reality Toolkit
  • * Google ARCore
  • * Apple ARKit
  • * Vuforia
  • * VRTK
  • * any other toolkit, present or future.
(Not limited to XR apps but that’s the primary use case. If you're using it in other creative ways please let us know!)
Krystian Babilinski
Unity Developer - Programmer