Published 3 months ago
In development
BrickBreaker is a game where your goal is to break every "brick" with the ball making sure the ball doesnt fall below the paddle.
I created this game as a fun school project to work on.
I find playing it very enjoyable as you progress through the game trying to beat all 10 levels was a challange for anyone that play tested at and only a few made it to the end.
As seen in the video the game currently has two powerups 1 mushroom to enlarge your paddle for the rest of the level and the life powerup which grants you an extra life in case your ball falls below your paddle.
I created this game im my first year of this education and was one of the projects i had most fun with playing and testing.
Joep van Nimwegen
Portfolio - Student
Alexander Podzolko
3 months ago
Lead Unity 3D developer
It is hard to break last bricks. And it is not fun because you have no way to alter ball trajectory. In the origial game ball reflection angle was slighly altered based on paddle moving speed so you have some control over the ball reflection angle and can actually do something to make it hit those last bricks faster. Try to implement that to make game more fun.