Published a year ago
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS; Windows Phone
This is a cross-platform game running on Android, PC and Mac (iOS has not been tested due to lack of hardware).
The main purpose of this game is to help you to train your space vision. You need to place colored bricks on top of either the pillars, or other bricks with different colors. There are 20 different levels to test your skills and keep your space vision fit, from very easy with fewer pillars to hard with lots of pillars.
As there is no point of racing with anyone, there is no time limit during playing, so take your time!
The game is completely free with no hidden microtransactions.
Released at Google Play on 18th October 2017. Steam release is coming soon.

Daniel Ambrus - Varga
Mr - Programmer
Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS; Windows Phone