Brett's Public Unity Development Journal
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Brett Wissemann - Public Development Journal

What is this?

I've decided to document my explorations in Unity. It's a way to track my progress but also share with the community. I really hope you'll also engage with me - Leave some feedback, offer advice, encourage me or just follow along!
I started using Unity in late 2017. Soon after I entered the Neon Challenge and had an absolute blast! Since then I've realised just how much I don't know. This is where I'm going to continue that journey.

Log Summary:

Log #001: [18/01/24]: One thing at a time. [I list off what I think I want to learn] Log #002: [18/01/25]: Speed Test. [Two images from lunchtime archvis tests] Log #003: [18/02/01]: Vray to Unity. [Same image comparing Vray to Unity - Amazing!] Log #004: [18/03/03]: Archvis in VR! [Screenshots from my first VR Project in Unity]

Log #004: [18/03/03]: Archvis in VR!

Well this project happened quickly! What a whirlwind - but really quite simple for what it needed to be! (20 min Real-time Precomputed GI and couple secs for 2K Reflection probes!)
Currently running at 200+ FPS on a 1070 GTX and Vive. You can interact with the virtual space and Travel to two different floors as well as teleport to pre-defined points and walk around in room-scale. If we had to do the project again I'd say we'd knock it over in a week or so! Clients were blown away! :D

Log #003: [18/02/01]: From Offline to Real-time!

Did a quick test with one of our old client projects just to prove to myself we can reduce render times in production. Well... Rendertimes went from 4min a frame in 4K with Vray in 3ds Max... to less than 1 sec a frame with Unity 2017. Essentially if we were to render this 15,000 frame animated project again (in 4K) we'd go from 5 days across 8 dedicated render machines -to- 10mins. On one machine...
That is (I think) approximately 5575x times faster!? WHAT!... Preeetty strong initial case rendering out of Unity now... lol. (Scene below took about 20mins to port from 3ds Max and tweak in Unity)
The unity scene is a bit "softer" but there are texture res and sharpen settings to play with. ...but really, aside from the clear advantages already, Unity just looks better off the bat (Thanks Post Processing Stack 1.0.4) Now I need to: - Find a script that bakes 3dsMax procedural maps - or - start using Substance more :D - Start using landscape/terrain painting features. - Look into ray-marched fx simulations (dust, water, etc) - [ambitious I know!]

Log #002: [18/01/26]: Speed Test.

Last two Iunches I've pushed myself to create a quick "archviz" scene. First time took me just under an hour from scratch:
Second time took me 10-15mins from scratch!

Log #001: [18/01/24]: One thing at a time.

Whenever I get some spare time I've set a goal to try something new in Unity. I have so much I want to learn!
Here's a quick list off the top of my head:
- I need more tricks/tips/practice to speed up how I work in Unity.
- Realism - Do's and Don'ts? Settings and processes.
- Vertex Paint Blending - How do I blend different PBR materials together on one object and then into a landscape?
- 2D Decals - How? and limitations.
- Displacement & tesselation - How do I do it?
- Landscaping - Blending and controlling Materials/Plants/Trees/Props
- Roads - Bending and blending with Landscape.
- Randomization & Instances - especially for modular sets and repeated assets/materials.
- Alembic files - Do's and Dont's? Limitations?
- Animated Textures - What works with VR?
- Controlling Particles - Best solution & optimization.
- FX Cache Importing - Ray-marched fx simulations (dust, water, etc)
- Cleaner Editing in Timeline/Cinemachine.
- Exporting Camera Data - Including the Transform info of Empty Game Objects.
- Exporting Rendered frames - Mainly getting the estra Pass data out of the buffers.
- VR Locomotion - Controls and travel options

Will add more as I think of them...
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