Breach: Arena
Breach Arena is a competitive 3v3 strategy game that incorporates real-time, team-based MOBA-style battles with engaging card combat, as you defend your base from invading forces! A FRESH NEW MOBA FOR MOBILE Breach Arena, a new type of competitive strategy game, offers 3v3 matches, player controlled Heroes and other features that mix multi-player strategy games and MOBA gameplay. Defend your team’s lane, or go behind enemy lines, directly attacking your opponents. Do whatever it takes to survive! COLLECT AND CONQUER Earn new and powerful Battle Cards as you unlock Booster Packs and Reward Crates! Expand your roster of Heroes and Guardians to create new strategic choices and outsmart your opponents. CROSS-PLATFORM MATCHMAKING Enjoy playing the game with the iOS or Android device of your choosing! (PC coming soon) TACTICS-BASED COMBAT Plan out your strategy before going into the game and carry it out with your Heroes, Guardians and Battle Cards of your choosing.
Producer, Funomena - Producer