Brazilian Mecha Voxel Project
Hello Guys, this project is about a Brazilian Mecha of My Game, it's voxel project made in MagicaVoxel Software, i'm still working on the rigging of this mecha.
Weapows and Guns of this Mecha: Fire Blaster, Bazooka, Sword, Machine Guy, Teaser.
Movement: This Mecha Have 3 Speed Levels
1- Walk (uses 9% of Mecha Energy)
2- Run (uses 23% of Mecha Energy)
3- Fast Run (uses 45% of Mecha Energy)
Fun Facts:
  • if you use the booster in air, the mecha starts flying very faster.
  • if you lost all the mecha energy use the: up, up, down, punch to restore all the mecha energy.
This is a Simple Project, and i don't have so much info about this voxelated mecha.
I Made this voxel model with the new MagicaVoxel Version (0.99 2018)
Emanuel Messias, R.d.S
Voxel Artist - Pixel Artist - Unity Student - Student