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About This GameBrass is a digital adaptation of the highly acclaimed economic strategy board game set during the Industrial Revolution.Brass is a demanding game of economics, where players build monopolies in various industries during the Industrial Revolution. Brass requires concentration, intellect and ruthlessness to make your fortune. Players take on the role of entrepreneur, each with the aim of building an economic empire to surpass the other opponents. You can become a Cotton, Railroad or Coal magnate. Build. Connect. Develop. What’s your fancy? Brass is Monopoly for grown-ups.Features:- 3-4 players- AI opponent (2 levels)- Network multiplayer- Local multiplayer- In-game tutorial & manualFULL DESCRIPTIONIt's the Dawn of the Modern World!Can you take full advantage of the Industrial Revolution and transform the Lancashire landscape?What is the best strategy? To construct cotton mills? Develop new technologies? Build canals? Produce coal or steel?There is no simple answer and the opportunities that arise will be different in each game you play as you move through the Canal and Railway eras, striving to get the best return from your investments in time to snatch the next opportunity from under the noses of your rivals.BUILD Industry is the key to success. Will you become a Cotton Magnate owning the most Cotton Mills in Lancashire? Or do you prefer selling Coal and Iron? Ports and Shipyards are key constructions as well, because no business can survive very long without them.CONNECTBuild canals and later railways to connect towns and cities. Only then will you benefit from all the industries built across the country, even those built by your opponents!DEVELOPR&D is essential. The better the development, the more effective your businesses will be. Should others neglect development, the easier your path to domination.TRADEIt’s not what you produce, but what you sell that makes ‘brass’ (pronounced with athick Yorkshire accent – ‘brass’ being Lancashire slang for money). Watch the markets carefully and sell at the right time!WINUse the goods produced and activate your industries, upgrade the railways and save money. The greatest entrepreneur will be the winner. b4d347fde0 Title: BrassGenre: StrategyDeveloper:CubloPublisher:PhalanxRelease Date: 11 Oct, 2017 Brass Crack Exe very basic graphics, the game works well, I wish there was more to it...better graphics, menus, better online layoutI played the board game so it isnt entirely new to meI think I would prefer this better than the board game if they update the graphics, etc. Good game but the A.I needs an update. Two A.I always build cotton mills on the first turn (the third always develops ports), then on the second builds a canal and sells to the distant market, crashing the price of cotton and always making cotton a totally unplayable strategy. This leads to a loss of strategic diversity.. Sorry I got on this and was expecting a good game experience and found the interface lacking, and not understandable. This is great board game, but is not executed well at all when ported to the PC.. multiplayer doesn't work, can't submit turn, can't see other players take their turn, refund requested. Great boardgame, but implementation leaves a lot to be desired. Digitization could have been done a lot better - disappointing.. update 2017-10-17. It's fixed. I'll edit review when I get more feels about the game.=====When I bought the game its working fine. Now when I start the game I can barely see some text and everything else is blacked out. It's not playable now.
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