Brainwave - Color Arena
Brainwave is a fighting game that places up to 8 players against each other locally, using only a single key each to control the character. You can use your keyboard, (A-Z, 0-1), Mouse or Joystick. 1 - Press your assigned key once to to jump. 2 - Press it a second time to double jump and switch direction. 3 - Press it a third time to stomp and release a burst of waves. Toss opponent out the arena or step on their head and survive until the end to win. 3 lives by default. ======================== This was a Global Game Jam 2017 entry. We tried to focus on some diversifiers that we thought would be fun. The game supports up to 8 players, those which have only one key to control their character. Players can chose their input method as they like. Source code is available for download through the GGJ site . Along with the official jam site, Brainwave was also released on in January 2017.
Alexandre Melotti
Game Developer and Designer
Game Design
Art and Programming