Brain Block
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Brain Block is a trivia game that accompanies Ontario college information sessions. By answering questions, students add blocks to their tower and compete with their peers to construct towers that breach the stratosphere. The harder the questions, the bigger the towers!


Brain Block was created for Sheridan College as a tool to use for their student recruitment team. We were given the always difficult task of keeping students engaged during a college pathway presentation, while staying within the college’s brand. To accomplish this, Brain Block was crafted to test student’s comprehension of said presentation, ensuring their engagement. This engagement is also helped along with a wealth of visual polish and and the joyous feeling of stacking up towers into space.


The basic game loop of Brain Block revolves around answering questions and receiving blocks as rewards for correct answers. Players are tasked with constructing the tallest possible tower, however, block sizes are dependent upon the difficulty of the question players decide to answer. So players must think ahead before deciding whether they are brave enough to go for the DOOM question, or if they want to play it safe with something easier. Once all of the questions have been answered (or if time is running short, the staff running the game skips to the end) the places are determined based on the total height of the teams’ towers.

Notable Features

Updating Questions

Much like the solution used in Impeached! The questions for Brain Block are all run through a .csv file. This process was made to be as simple as possible as one of the challenges the recruitment team faced with their previous quiz game was keeping it up to date. This was especially important since colleges and government programs regarding post-secondary students frequently have small changes year-to-year.

Coverage and Awards

The game was tested around local high schools in Ontario, Canada and the reception was great! High school students loved the stylized graphics and often got into heated competition with each other as the game progressed. The concept was simple enough for them to learn, but had enough complexity to keep the students engaged throughout the 10-20 minutes play session.

Benjamin Scott
Game Designer and Unity Developer - Owner
Brendan Muir
Co-Founder - Artist
Cody Romphf
Co-Founder - Designer
Shae Humphries
2D Artist - Artist
Zack Wolfe
Co-Founder - Designer
Joshua Cappelli
Director - Owner
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