Braden Baker Gaming Experience
Published a month ago
My Video Game Experience
The first video game I ever played is when I was six years old and my friends older brother introduced me to Star Wars battlefront 2 on the PlayStation 2. Immediately I was infatuated with it and played for hours. At the time I could only play video games at my friends house because my parents wouldn’t let me have a gaming system, so I would make frequent trips to my friends house. When I was eight my mom and dad bought me a PlayStation 3 with Star Wars battlefront 2. This was the primary game I played until I was 10 at which time I got the Toy Story 3 video game. I played this game all the time with my little brothers and my dad and I have so many fond memories of that game. One day my mom’s friends brother came into town and my mom and I went to a yoga class with them. What I didn’t know is that he was one of the designers for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and he gave me a t-shirt of the company he worked for which I thought was really cool.
I remember the exact day in May 2013 when the reveal trailer came out for Call of Duty Black Ops 2. After I watched the trailer Black Ops 2 was the only thing I could think about. All of my friends at school were talking about how they already pre-ordered it because their parents let them but, when I asked my dad he gave me a very firm no. For months I begged and begged and finally for Christmas in 2013 my parents bought it for me. Black Ops 2 is still my favorite video game ever. In 2015 my parents bought me an Xbox One X for Christmas with Battlefield 4. Before this I played Battlefield 4 on my PS3 and it was my second favorite game so naturally I wanted it for my Xbox. I spent countless nights playing Battlefield 4 with my friends while creating fun memories.
For Christmas 2016 my parents bought me a gaming PC. The first game I bought was Fallout: New Vegas on Steam. Since then Fallout has become my favorite RPG and I have played every title since. The reason I wanted to study video games is because I want to learn how to make games so I can pass on the joy and memories I have gained from video games onto a younger generation.
Braden Michael Baker
Aspiring creator of Future Game Experiences - Student