Box Cat: Escape Artist
Published 21 days ago
In development
Windows; HTC Vive
A branching from Project M.A.H.T. this experimental film takes you into the mind of an artist who has deliberately put himself into a virtual coma. You and another must go into his dreamscape and pull him back to our world.
Currently in VERY early stages. Creation of the animatronic "coma" patient and testing virtual compatibility to "outside" world via LED lights. So the basis of the game is you and ANOTHER person need to navigate the virtual realm and pull this person out of their dreams. The kicker is someone needs to watch that the animatronic does not flatline and another tries to wake them up.
Where I got the code for the LED lights :
Robotic Parts provided by InMoov :
Special thank you to Darrenlloyd and Gael Langevin!

Unity Ambassador - Artist
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Windows; HTC Vive