Bounce Bounce, The Couch!
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Windows; Linux; Android; WebGL
BBTC! is simple game for simple people in which you control two guys with the couch and you try to catch the other guys who are jumping off the buildings. Actually catching them is little bit tricky, because the couch is kinda tweaked and it works like a trampoline which is bouncing people to the orbit (based on true story!). You earn a score points for each bounced person and the goal of the game is naturally to get the highest score possible, while taking various power ups and keeping multiplier value as high as you can. The more precise you are, the higher multiplier value is, it´s that simple. But be aware of the FAT GUYS! They are too heavy and they break your couch!
This is the project made in collaboration with graphics artist Anna Benesova (

Tools/frameworks used:

Unity, Visual studio (C#), Google Play Game Services API, GameJolt API

My work here:

  • whole concept
  • complete game design
  • complete programming (gameplay, menus, integration of GameJolt and Google Play Game Services API UI)
  • particle and visual effects
Jakub Miculka
Freelance game developer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Linux; Android; WebGL