Boss Fight Challenge
Published 5 days ago
Boss Fight Challenge
Calling all experienced creators in Unity! Create, mod and submit your microgame to our "Boss Fight" Challenge to show your fellow creators your creativity in Unity.
It does not matter what genre of game you play, chances are you will eventually run into the ultimate test, the Boss! This will be the focus of our next Challenge and to add a little more of a test it will be open on the 2D Platformer microgame only.

This means we are looking for an interesting take on the 2D platformer/side scrolling/fighter type Boss, whatever you can dream up. So if you are interested you can head on over to the BOSS FIGHT CHALLENGE page.
Other Challenges
There are still a number of other challenges currently running including Mods, Mods, Mods for beginners as well as Spring is Here and Dinner Party Crashing. So if you feel you want something else other than the 2D Boss Fight then head over to our main CHALLENGE PAGE for other challenges.

Good luck to everyone and happy creating!

Andrew Donnell
Community Manager - Other