Boros Throne Room
This was a piece created to try and allow me to work better with modularity, whilst also improving my ability to light a scene using more complex light set ups and to also try and maximise my use of tiling textures and material instances where possible.
The original inspiration for the scene came from an image created by Lianna Tai shown below. ( From here, I wanted to add some more visual flare to the scene and also to try and create a more distinct environment. I adapted the concept to fit the Boros Guild from Magic the Gathering. I felt the colour scheme was complimentary to that of the concept and presented an interesting challenge in terms of modelling shapes. The guild symbol of the fist in the sun, was a striking image and in keeping with other royal settings in real life and fantasy, I wanted to use this motif wherever possible. As it was an interesting shape it was a great for adding details throughout the scene.
Nathaniel Ayling
3D Environment Artist - Artist